The Basic Cheesecake Line

Our Basic Cheesecakes are plain cheesecakes with graham cracker/Digestive biscuit crusts and fruit toppings.  Available in a wide variety of flavours. Prices quoted are in BDS dollars and are for the 9" size.  All other sizes are also available. Click on the flavour link to see all prices and sizes for that flavour.

Apple - $55

Apricot - $60

Blueberry - $63

Cherry - $60

Fruit Salad - $60

Peach - $60

Pineapple - $55

Strawberry - $60

Raspberry Swirl - $63

Combo packs of four cupcakes can be ordered comprising any combination of up to four flavours chosen from the Basic Cheesecake Line and the Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake Line with the exception of Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle, Mint Chocolate, Mocha and any of the Baileys Chocolate flavours.