Guilt-Free Line

Do you love cheesecake but have health concerns?  Then the Guilt-Free line may be your answer.  Made with reduced-fat cheese and from ingredients that claim to be sugar-free and/or gluten-free, you can eat these cheesecakes without worrying about extra pounds.  All Guilt-Free cheesecakes are sweetened with Splenda (tm) sweetener  and we use sugar-free fruit spread for the topping. The crusts are made from gluten-free and/or sugar-free products.  Because of the nature of the ingredients used, Guilt-Free cheesecakes do not rise as much as regular cheesecakes and may appear thinner.  Prices quoted are in BDS dollars.  Click on the flavour link to see a description of that flavour.
Apple - $60
Apricot - $60
Cherry - $60
Orange - $60
Strawberry - $60