Why should you partner with us?

Well, if you are an individual just looking for great cheesecake, there is nowhere better to go. If you are a restaurant or a hotel, you may be saying that you already have a chef on board and you already (possibly) offer cheesecake on the menu. Well, consider this:

If you partner with us you immediately get access to an ever-growing range of cheesecakes. You don't have to spend time in product development. You don't have to train your staff to make the different cheesecakes. You don't have to develop procedures and guidelines for making them.


Barbadians are becoming more health conscious. By partnering with us you tap into our commitment to develop and grow the Guilt-Free product line, creating fresh exciting recipes that are friendly to people with diverse health connditions.


Barbadians are a sophisticated people that love variety. If you have been selling just the plain cherry-topped cheesecake for years, try adding a Black Forest or Baileys cheesecake and watch your sales jump.