Sizes, Customization & Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of sizes at T&M Gourmet Cheesecakes to cater to your specific needs. (The CD is included in the photo below for reference).
Our cupcakes are suitable for parties or if you just want to have some handy convenient treats. Some lines also allow you to mix and match flavours for extra variety.
Our 5" personal cheesecake is suitable for someone who just wants to treat him/herself. Pamper yourself with your own personal cheesecake - small enough to eat all at once if you wanted to but big enough that you probably might take two or three attempts.
Our 7" small cheesecake is suitable for a small family. It gives 6 - 8 slices.

Our 9" cheesecake is your regular cake size. Giving 10 - 12 slices you will have lasting enjoyment.
Having a get together? Our 13" x 9" cheesecake will give you at least 20 good slices (more depending on how you cut it) and our 14" x 10" cheesecake will give you at least 30 good slices.
We also offer heart-shaped cheesecakes.  Equivalent to a 9" cheesecake, these are the perfect way to say "I love you" to that special someone at Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays or just because. Want other shapes? Just ask us and we will see if we can accommodate.
We can also write a short message on the box (eg., "Happy Birthday Eve! From Adam") or on some cheesecakes (typically we cannot write on the fruit-topped cheesecakes).  T&M Gourmet Cheesecakes are gifts that are sure to be appreciated.  And talking about gifts, why not give a gift certificate and let that person choose just the cheesecake he/she wants? Just tell us what value you want and we will do the rest.